about me

I used to be afraid of heights, but here I am sitting on a swaying billboard as my legs dangle a hundred feet off the ground. I’ve even hunched over for hours waiting for the right moment. Because if that’s what it takes to get the shot, that’s what I’ll do.

Whether it’s in a studio, or out on location, I put in the work to be as prepared as possible, so that if and when something does go awry, I’m able to adapt, think and work quickly to get the best shots possible.

My experience comes from capturing candid, everyday happenings of life and making it look and feel like a grand cinematic moment. Because when framed correctly, even something as simple as putting an item back on a shelf can feel awe-inspiring.

Brands worked with: Capital One, Taylor Strategy, Welcome to Chinatown, TooGoodToGo

For work, projects, collaboration or prints, email me at desmondchanphotography@gmail.com